John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are quickly becoming a favorite couple in Hollywood for their raw and outspoken commentary, but not everyone seems to be a fan. The married couple was recently walking through JFK airport in New York City when they had to face a member of the paparazzi who reportedly made a racist comment.

John and Chrissy revealed what happened during the incident on social media, with Chrissy stating that it's no wonder "why celebs lose it in pics." According to the two, the paparazzi member asked the couple, “If we evolved from monkeys, why is John Legend still around?”

While explaining the situation, Chrissy didn't hold back her anger over the comment, and candidly stated, “I was very kind. Answered cooking questions, then he came with that. F---ing disgusting.”

She also hopes to see the footage whenever it's released, so that she can track down who was the culprit of the question, as well as see if it was edited to make things appear differently to the public.

While speaking to Variety in a Twitter video, John explained his reaction to the question.

“We looked at each other like, ‘Did he really just say that?’ And he really said it,” Legend said. “He basically called me a monkey. Black folks have had to deal with being called monkeys for a long time, and dehumanization has always been kind of a method of racism and subjugation of black people. That’s just part of American history—and it’s part of the present, apparently.”

Racism is definitely still alive and well, but it looks like these two handled it with class. Hopefully the paparazzi member will be revealed soon.


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