It was the 9th of October in 1971, only a year-and-a-half after the Beatles had officially broken up.   Yoko Ono was having her first large art exhibit at the Everson Museum in Downtown Syracuse.   John accompanied his wife to the salt city for her event.

The assistant director of the museum, knowing it was Lennon's 31st birthday, was hoping to surprise the former Beatle with a midnight concert.  According to, had had even invited other members of the band in hopes of a surprise Beatles' reunion.

The concert and potential reunion never happened.  Paul McCartney declined the invitation and George Harrison had made prior plans.  Ringo Starr was already in Syracuse for the exhibit.  Word had apparently leaked out, people flocked to the museum, and the concert was cancelled.

Instead, there was a party for John Lennon's birthday at the Hotel Syracuse.  It was a small group including Yoko, Ringo Starr and even Eric Clapton.  The musicians played a few songs, including the Beatles' classic "Yellow Submarine."