JoJo, "Too Little Too Late" songstress and Queen of the Tringle, recently sat down for an interview with NYLON magazine, which is now up online. In the chat, the newly returned pop artist reveals how depressed she felt during the vicious battle with her previous label, Blackground Records, as well as how she and her team coined the catchy term "tringle."

Below, here are a few favorite bites from the revealing interview!

On being trapped in a record contract, unable to release new music:

"I felt totally stuck and I was making the decision whether to go to college and study anthropology and sociology, or to go through with the lawsuit and try to get out and focus on the next chapter of my career... It was really frustrating because people had questions and I didn’t have answers. Even my family, they saw me, you know getting very, very sad. It was just confusing and mostly I wanted to be able to explain things to people, but I also didn't want to seem like I was anti-label or like I wasn't trying to make things work."

On giving birth to the iconic "tringle" triple-single format: 

 "I knew I needed to come back and make an impact in a certain way and the way I wanted to do that is through music,... Just conversationally, me and my team were sitting at a restaurant or something, and we just kept saying three singles, three singles...tringle! It's a word that sticks in your brain whether you want it to or not."

On the landscape of early 00s pop versus music today:

"When I came out in 2004, I think that maybe pop still had a bubblegum feeling attached to it, and a sort of stigma attached to it... I don’t really feel that way when I think of pop music today. I think there’s a lot more space now. Pop to me now just means 'popular.' We could call Bruno Mars pop; we could call Fetty Wap pop."

JoJo also shares in the feature that while "house [music] wasn't really one of [the types of music]" she grew up with, she now loves it, and is super into artists like Gorgon City, MNEK, and Disclosure. She also adds that dance music now makes her feel "fabulous, triumphant, and strong—like a woman."

Join the club, sistah, and welcome back!

You can check out the rest of the interview up on NYLON.

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