JoJo is officially on her way back to the forefront of our collective musical mind, ready to emerge in the 21st century as a powerhouse pop star, no longer tethered to her shady recording contracts of years past.

And her return will begin with the upcoming release of...a tringle.

What is a tringle, you ask? Well, JoJo anticipated there might be some confusion, so she dutifully posted a definition of the word (courtesy of Urban Dictionary) on Instagram. It's pretty simple to discern on your own, but, officially, it means "the simultaneous release of three singles."

And so, JoJo has subtly announced her refusal to reintroduce herself into the mainstream music world slowly by dropping a single here or there and testing the waters. Instead, she's chosen to hit us full-on in the face with three brand new songs on the same day (August 21).

If you're wondering what kind of music JoJo has in store for us, you're a little out of luck: No one seems to be giving any hints about her sound. We did, however, have a chance to speak with powerhouse songwriter/producer Harmony Samuels, who recently worked with JoJo on her upcoming new music.

"I think the whole world, including myself, is kind of anxious to hear her. I know she dropped her mixtape last year (#LoveJo), which was great. I’m very excited for her. She’s just a great presence in the studio. She’s writing from her heart — definitely about her. She’s so radiant," he said.

He continued his glowing review of JoJo's work ethic: "The craziest part is every time I would record — her voice is so amazing, I’m a fan — I’d be like 'Oh my god!' And she’s like 'I have to do it again!' and I’m like 'No, no!' [Laughs] She’s a perfectionist! She doesn’t half something. Everything has to be a 110%. She’s definitely one of the best vocalists I’ve ever worked with."

Get ready, guys: JoJo's tringle release is set for an unveiling on August 21.

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