Did you happen to catch Janet Jackson on "Piers Morgan" the other  night?  I stayed up to watch the hour long interview as Janet talked about a wide range of topics.  Prior to the interview, she had told Piers he could ask her anything.  Of all the topics he covered with Janet, I found the discussion of her childhood to be the saddest. 

She told Piers that although she knows her Dad loves her, he rarely told her that.  He also did not want to be called Dad or Daddy.  One of the few times she tried to call him Dad, he told her, "No, I'm Joseph."  When she was a kid, she'd see how affectionate and loving her friend's fathers were with their kids and she wanted that too.  Can you blame her for being envious?  It's sad when a parent can't tell their kids how much they love them and refuses to be called what they are, in this case Dad!  Janet has a new book out, called " True You: A Guide To Finding And Loving Yourself."  She says she's happy and her favorite time is when all of her family gets to be together.  I hope the next time they do all get together, Joseph tells all of them how much he loves them.