Some people aren't happy Ariana Grande ended her feud with Piers Morgan.

The "thank u, next" singer made headlines this week after running into the British journalist a Los Angeles restaurant on Tuesday (Feb. 19), where they put aside their differences. Their initial feud all started when Morgan made rude comments about Little Mix on Twitter back in November.  He shamed the members of the girl group for appearing semi-nude on the cover art for their single at the time—and Grande did not let him get away with it. She fired back, defending Little Mix and the two went toe-to-toe in a Twitter fight.

But, all is well now and Grande and Morgan have officially made up.

However, some fans took issue with the fact that Grande is back on good terms with Morgan after all the misogynistic things he said about Little Mix. So, in a lengthy Twitter rant, Grande responded to all the backlash and defended her decision to have a conversation with Morgan when the opportunity presented itself.

"And we spoke about that... I am a peaceful but passionate person and I will kindly say everything on my mind to a person’s face if I have the chance. which I did. I don’t understand what is so evil about having conversations w people. In what world did I excuse what he has said?" she began.

"In fact that’s why I sat down with him in the first place," she continued. "I saw an opportunity to pick someone so opposite’s brain and try to talk some sense into them which I understand is highly unlikely but I will not apologize for trying. that’s all."

"Nah, I was anything but complacent in our conversation that none of u heard. It saddens me that u’d assume that just because I have hope that a person can change," she added. "I won’t stop having conversations w people I disagree w when I see the opportunity to. Hope u would’ve done the same."

Then, when a fan told Grande not to let all the criticism get to her, she wrote: "Nah it’s just important to me. I'm not tryna be misunderstood when it’s of this much importance tbh."

"Like.... Do people think I think I succeeded and that I’m some kind of fucking miracle worker? Fuck no. Are u all insane? Bruh I just wanted to try. and speak my mind. I try my best to have faith in people. As hard as it is. Anyway....... goodnight," she wrote, ending her rant.

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