Josh Gates of Syfy Channel's "Destination Truth" and Joe Chin of "Ghost Hunters International" came to the Rome Capitol Theatre for the 4th annual Haunted History Investigation Series.

The night kicked off with a VIP meet and greet with Josh Gates as he autographed photos and copies of his new book as he took photos with participants. As many lined up to meet the professional adventurer.

Shadow Chasers
Shadow Chasers

After the initial meet and greet Josh Gates kicked off his lecture by recapping just what "Destination Truth" is really about with some adventurous highlight clips from the show. After which he dove into just how he became the Syfy Channel's globe-trotting 'monster hunter.'

Shadow Chasers

After his lecture he followed up with a Q & A session where Gates addressed a number of questions about himself, the Destination Truth Crew and travel he revealed just how perilous the travel is for the team, what they've experienced in the field and a number of details about investigating.

Josh Gates then hosted a second round of meet and greets while Ghost Hunters International star Joe Chin was able to meet participants, sign autographs and take photos before leading everyone on a haunted history investigation, a ghost hunt, of the Rome Capitol Theatre.

Shadow Chasers
Shadow Chasers

After the meet and greets with participants the NY Shadow Chasers began the investigation of the theatre by introducing members and sharing equipment for everyone to investigate the theatre first hand with Joe Chin's assistance.

The first session that Joe Chin assisted conducted a 'Frank's Box' or 'Spirit Box' session on the stage and almost immediately the team began receiving responses.

Many investigators were able to capture various phenomena in the theatre including EVPs, ghostly 'orbs' on Full Spectrum Cameras, unexplained noises, energy readings and several participants that said they were touched by an unseen force were frightened enough to give up the investigation for the night while other continued to document the paranormal phenomena.

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The fourth annual Haunted History Investigation series with Josh gates and Joe Chin concluded with even more people telling stories of their ghostly encounters at the legendary Rome Capitol Theatre.


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