Next to intuition and consciousness the phenomena known as déjà vu remains one of the closest unexplained phenomena to our daily lives.

Déjà vu is often described as that feeling you get that when you feel that you've experienced a moment before. Like a replay of something you've done many times before but everything in that moment is new and you know everything that is going to happen in that moment.

While there are more than 40 different theories that attempt to explain this phenomena, new scientific methods have managed to narrow that down to just a few.

Have you ever experienced déjà vu?


See The Pilot Study of Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans [VIDEO]

This could be the beginning of something big. Students and researchers at the University of Washington have possibly achieved something amazing, human brain-to-brain control. As shared recently in Science World Report, here's what the researchers did: In order to actually accomplish this feat, the scientists used electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation.