Canadian pop star Justin Bieber made headlines this week by saying he wants to take on actor Tom Cruise in a mixed martial arts bout. Cruise is 31 years his senior.

We decided to apply the same formula in order to find out what famous person WE would fight. And also the potential match-ups for other prominent Central New York personalities. Beth says she absolutely refuses to fight one star that came up for her. As for me, I'm so old, there are very few notables still living who are 31 years my senior, so we opened it up in reverse--31 years my JUNIOR. Here are the results:

  • Beth (Al Pacino or Alex Trebek)
  • Dave (Burt Bacharach or Liam Hemsworth)
  • Kaylin (Michael Jordan)
  • Anthony Picente (Barbara Walters OR Ed Sheeran)
  • Jim Boeheim (Bradley Cooper)
  • Gary Heenan (Robert DeNiro OR Mick Jagger)
  • Rob Esche (Arnold Schwarzenegger OR Elton John)
  • Anthony Brindisi (Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Joe Griffo (Sidney Crosby)

It's a simple formula. Just take YOUR birth year, subtract (or add) 31 years, then Google the stars who were born THAT year...and start training.


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