Time for a peek into the wedding album of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. And wait till you see the dress. Oh, the dress.

The couple reportedly sold their wedding photos for a cool $300,000, sharing an intimate but candid image with the whole entire world.

The first photo has appeared on the cover of the new issue of PEOPLE, out Friday, Oct. 26.

The newlyweds look adorbs and happy, with a Tom Ford tuxedo-clad Timberlake leaping in the air, while Biel, dressed in a pink-tinted, strapless gown with a full train, is seated and smiling. He looks like the hyper half of the relationship, while she is the cooler head who prevails.

We know, all that information, gleaned from a photo pose!

JT and JB wed on Oct. 19 in Italy, quite the romantic locale. And that dress? It was a custom-made Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown. We love that Biel opted to forego the standard white in favor of a soft, whisper-light pink hue.

The singer/actor said that the ceremony represented "a really special evening," while Biel described it as "a total fantasy experience."

Timberlake serenaded his bride as she waltzed down the aisle, playing guitar and all. He wrote the original song specifically for the wedding and for Biel. Timberlake actually helped design his tux, so he was plenty creative when it came to his nuptials.

Did he approve the seating chart? Pick the menu? Cake flavor? Decide the color of the bridesmaids' gowns? It sounds like he was running the show and serving as his own wedding planner, Type A-style.

Celeb guests included Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg and Timbaland. Guests were treated to a week's worth of festivities. "It was a lot to ask of them to travel, so we figured we'd give our guests a good party!" the singer said.

We want to know how many members of 'N Sync were (or were not) there.

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