The loss of an Oneida teen has left a community in mourning. The death of Kane Buss, who was killed by an alleged drunk driver in January is still felt. Buss' girlfriend Amanda Pawlikowski encouraged everyone to write to the judge in the case, so Chelsea Marshall wrote a letter, explaining how great the loss really is.

I am writing to you today in hopes that I can inform you on the tragic loss the Oneida and VVS communities have suffered due to the death of Kane Buss. I grew up with Kane, he was always smiling and he had high hopes for his future.

Kane was the kind of person to help a lost freshman find their class. Kane had high aspirations of becoming a New York State Trooper and continuing to help people. This dream was tragically ripped away from him on the night of January 18th when he was struck by a truck who ran a red light, allegedly driven by Mr. Gloacki, leaving the hearts of everyone who knew Kane shattered.

Kane was ripped away from his family and his girlfriend after he saved her life. His brother no longer has someone to look up to or someone to protect him. His girlfriend and he no longer get the chance to have a life together, have a future together, travel together, all because of a selfish act.

I believe that Mr. Gloacki acted selfishly and didn’t learn from the first time he was charged with a DWI or even the second time he was charged with one. Please do not give this man a chance to do this again, a chance to destroy another family. I hope this letter, as well as the other letters sent to you on this tragic topic, shows you just how loved Kane is and was and how much pain and loss these two communities have suffered from. Justice is the only thing that can give us closure.

Read Chelsea's full letter.

Send your letters to:

Onondaga County District Attorney
ATTN: Rob Moran ADA
505 S State St Fl 4
Syracuse, NY

Buss was killed in a car crash when he and Pawlikowski were returning home from a date in Syracuse. She would have died too if it weren't for Buss shielding her from the impact. Doctors say his bravery saved her life.

Leonard Glowacki is accused of running into their vehicle on Hiawatha Boulevard, near Destiny USA January 18th. He's facing several charges including vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault and driving while intoxicated. The trial has been set for October 19th.

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