Just when you thought things in New York couldn't get more bizarre than what has occurred since this time last year, 2021 is bringing us Kanye West.

According to Insider, Kanye West wants to donate around $100 million to a town to rename it, which is about 10 percent of the rap mogul's wealth would completely pay off the city and school bond debt.

What town is it? It's a little town called Rye, New York - a small, coastal suburban city in Westchester county. And what does he want to rename the town to be?

Instead of Rye, it would be called Ye.

Someone close to the rapper told the Rye Record that since his divorce with Kim Kardashian, he wants to move East for a while.

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"Kanye isn’t into L.A.’s fakeness right now… people are so quick to judge him and he’s a really sensitive dude. He wants to live somewhere that people don’t care about material goods. Somewhere that’s not all about fancy cars and keeping up with the Joneses. And Rye is the low-key, down to earth place where he feels comfortable right now.”

Town locals have spotted him for the past few weeks looking into real estate. He's looking into purchasing space for a house, a “music studio/creative think-tank,” and a church to bring his famed Sunday Services to the town.

Rye officials may be “highly motivated” by West’s offer to dedicate 10 percent of his wealth (estimated at $1,000,000,000 by Forbes) to erase both the City and School bond debt in full.

Welcome to the soon-to-be Ye neighborhood, Ye!

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