Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, graces the cover of US Weekly, looking radiant and happy.  She and Prince William are awaiting the birth of their first child this summer.  Lots of expectant parents have nicknames for their babies.  What is theirs?  And what is she craving these days?

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images


"Our little grape" is the nickname Prince William and Kate Middleton have given to their baby.  The inspiration behind this nickname, according to US Weekly, was the size of their baby on a growth chart.  Kate has been keeping busy, between charity engagements and overseeing the renovation of their twenty-one room apartment at Kensington Palace.  As for those famous pregnancy cravings, Kate's all about the sweets these days, craving cake, biscuits and chocolate.  Although the sex of the baby hasn't been announced, rumors are swirling it's a girl.  Insiders tell US Weekly if it is indeed a girl, she'll be named Elizabeth Diana Carole in honor of the queen and their mothers.  Kate has given up biking and running during her pregnancy and instead does prenatal yoga and takes long walks several times a week.  She's also found time to read plenty of parenting and pregnancy books too.  During a recent outing, a fan asked Kate if the baby has been kicking and she said "very much so."  Just four months to go!


Photo Anna Gowthorpe - WPA Pool/Getty Images