Want to be a part of Katy Perry‘s upcoming 3D concert film ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me?’ Well, you can really be a “part” of it, thanks to Twitter. So if you don’t follow Perry currently, you need to get on it now because the process is interactive. #Hurry.

Over the next several months, Twitter and Paramount will jointly offer unprecedented access to Perry by offering multiple opportunities for her massive Twitter following, allowing it to play a role in helping to shape the final film.

What that means is that Perry’s twitter followers will be able to help choose which songs she sings, as well as offer their opinions on her wardrobe choices, which are always fluffy, fruity and fun. It’s a one-of-a-kind interactive experience, where fans can assume the role of mini-directors and have their voices be heard. With this promotion, your input matters!

Follow Perry here, as she will also offer up exclusive content from the film via her feed. The film will mesh concert footage with backstage scenes of her life off the stage for the first time ever.

The film, according to execs at Paramount, will celebrate Perry’s life and her relationship with KatyCats. Fans can use the hashtag #KP3D to connect with each other.