With all Internet memes comes monetization, and so it is that Katy Perry's Super Bowl shark dancers now have their own commercial.

In case you're somehow unaware, Katy's backup shark dancers undoubtedly stole the show during her 2015 Super Bowl half time performance, especially the ineptitude of the now-infamous Internet meme that is Left Shark. So when it was revealed today that the likeness of the shark dancers was used in a commercial for SportsCenter, we can't say we were all that surprised.

The commercial shows the two sharks carpooling to work, arriving at the ESPN parking lot after the Super Bowl. When they take off their shark head masks, they're revealed to be SportsCenter anchors Bram Weinsten and John Anderson. Right Shark says, "I can't believe they sent us down there to work," to which Left Shark replies, "Me either. Hey, I wasn't too out of sync, was I?" To which Right Shark responds, "Nah, and if you were, I bet nobody even noticed."

Which is funny because it's not true. Everyone totally noticed. Poor Left Shark.

Check out the commercial above!

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