- Interested in knowing every little piece of info about Katy Perry‘s video ‘The One That Got Away?’ Well, that’s where Pop-Up Video comes in! The folks at VH1 feed us wonderful bits of knowledge about Perry’s video. Did you know the dance the older people are doing is a Latvian folk dance called Sudmalinas? Well now you do! [VH1]

- Dr. Dre will be remembered for his accomplishments in the rap game. But will he also be remembered for his projects on TV too? D.R.E. has inked a development deal with FX for a show set in Los Angeles that focuses on music and crime. [Hollywood Reporter]

- So cute! The Sesame Street characters spoofed the hit show ‘The Voice,’ complete with judges that closely resemble Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton. The video shows a purple guy in a white suit and top hat tap dancing. The lesson learned? You can make sound with other parts of your body, not just your voice. [YouTube]

- Always cranking out projects that are visually (and sonically!) pleasing, Gotye released his animated video for ‘Save Me.’ If your ready to have your mind-blown, you need to check it out. [MSN]

- Hawt! Christinia Aguilera looks stunning a new promo photo. A black-and-white shot, Xtina is shown pouting at the camera with a flower in her hair. [Idolator]

- If you need a good cringeworthy laugh then treat yourself to a listen of ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah’s new single, Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom.” It’s as bad as you think it is. [InTouch Weekly]

Watch Katy Perry’s Pop-Up Video for ‘The One That Got Away’

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