We’re not sure why there’s been a recent spate of small children perilously dangling from great heights, but it’s a good thing that heroic people always seem to be on hand to save them. In China, a four-year-old girl became stuck in the rails of a second story balcony and hung there precariously until emergency services arrived.

According to reports, the girl was home alone in an apartment building in Xiaochang city in Hubei last Friday when her head got stuck in the balcony rails. Fortunately, a passing man saw the crying girl and called for help.

“I drove by with my friends in the morning and happened to hear the girl crying. Looking up, I saw her neck stuck in the protective rails and so I called police,” said Zheng Shuqi.

While a resident supported her feet, a police officer scaled the balcony and freed the girl after several tense moments. She was immediately taken to hospital, but suffered no injuries aside from an abrasion on her cheek.

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