It's not unusual for stars to have tour demands.  Sometimes they're simple demands and sometimes they can get pretty outrageous.  Curious about what kind of demands Katy Perry makes when she's on tour?  The Smoking Gun got a copy of Katy's most recent tour rider and it's quite a lengthy list!  

Katy's  tour rider is forty five pages long.  Among her tour requests?  She wants pink flower arrangements but absolutely no carnations.  The drivers who drive her around are "not to start a conversation with the client" and "not stare at the backseat thru the rearview mirror."  Katy wants to stay at five star hotels and in the presidential suite.  Plus, she also requests five junior suites along with forty five single rooms, which  I'm guessing must be for her entourage.  Her dressing room needs to be creme or pink, there must be a glass door on her refrigerator, she wants French ornate style lamps and coffee tables must be "perspex modern style."  Oh, and it's to be a pair of lamps.  I always crack up when I read stuff like this.  Why does it matter if there isn't a glass door on the fridge?  What happens if there are three lamps not two?  There are more important things to worry about, don't you think?