Today was supposed to be the opening of the Great New York State Fair. Back in July, Gov. Cuomo announced that the Syracuse based event would be canceled for 2020.

It made me think of a bunch of things that, because the fair isn't happening this year, I won't be able to experience like normal. I have so many memories of days spent at the fair and these are the things I will miss this year.

I'm Sad I Won't See A Free Show at Chevy Court


When I was in college I was notorious for spending HOURS at the fair waiting for the evening shows at Chevy Court. I've been very lucky to see Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, Florida Georgia Line, Smashmouth, Jason Derulo and a few others. I would wait all day long just so I could have a spot in one of the front rows. Some of the best shows I've seen in my life have been Chevy Court shows, and the fact that concerts can't happen this summer changes so much of my lifestyle.

I'm Sad I Can't Visit Any Animals in The Barns


Mu boyfriend, Konrad, is Polish so it was only natural that last year we visit the chicken barn and visit the Polish chickens. One of my favorite parts of the fair is being able to visit all of the different animals I grew up with. As a kid, my Poppy had a hobby poultry farm. We had chickens, rabbits, geese and so many other animals that it is always nostalgic to go to the barns and see all of them.

I'm Sad I Can't Invade The Wine Slushie Court


I know it's really easy to make wine slushies at home. But you can't lie - there's something about how every single time one is purchased at the Fair it tastes PERFECT. One of the main booths (forgive me for not knowing which winery has them) has these tropical flavored wine slushies that are to die for and I have to get several every year. They're like, apple, mango, peach, pineapple flavors or something like that.

I'm Sad I Can't Get $.25 Milk and $1 Baked Potatoes

Eric Meier/TSF

Most people who have never been to the Fair before ask "why do you wait in line for these things when you can literally just make them at home?" IT'S AN EXPERIENCE OKAY! No, it's not fun waiting in line for 45 minutes to an hour for a baked potato or a cup of milk - but it's something that has to be done.

I'm Sad The Sand Sculpture Won't Exist

Credit: Mike Okoniewski -Empire Expo Center

From a young age I've always been impressed with the sculptures at the Fair. I was hoping that because the butter sculpture is returning virtually, that the sand sculpture would as well. As of right now, it's not, and I was very much interested to see what the theme would be this year.

We had a bunch of you chime in on Facebook about what you'd miss:

Klarissa Sue - Everything! It’s been a yearly tradition for my family since before I was born. I’ve only missed a handful of them since being an adult. I couldn’t even give you an exact answer because I love it ALL. ❤️

Reese Soulia - The Milk bar, butter sculpture, all the foods, and watching my kids has fun and having them fall asleep in the car on the way home! Lol

Jan Taylor - I agree with Kaylin, the wine slushy court and the dairy building and the butter sculpture even though that is on line this year

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What will you miss the most this year about the NY State Fair? Let me know inside the station app!

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