I'm not going to lie: I don't agree with the results of this survey at all. Let's break it down. 😂

Researchers at Colorado State University took photos of various men in two difference scenarios: one alone, and one of them holding a cat.

After the photos were taken, over 700 women rated the photos. When men were holding the cats, they were seen as less masculine and less datable.

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The survey applied to both long term and short term relationship potential. Across the board - less datable, and they were actually seen as "more neurotic" while holding the cat.

To me, this seems absolutely crazy. I am a cat person - and the thought of a man holding onto a cute cat makes me smile. This survey makes me question. Were these men very attractive or no? Were the cats cute or no? Were there men of different ethnic backgrounds and cats of different breeds? This is information that has me pondering.

Apparently the women who described themselves as "cat people" were just as likely to say that guys were datable whether they were holding a cat or not.

I decide to do a little research of my own, because like I said: I'm skeptical of the pool of men/cats used to conduct this survey. I took to our Facebook page to ask our listeners if they would find a man (in general) more attractive if he was holding a cat in a photo. The results are just like I suspected.

Based on our listeners, 86 percent said they would find a man MORE attractive if they were holding a cat. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT.

Anastasia said, "I can’t be with someone who doesn’t like cats! And irather a cat than a baby."

Preach sista - preach. The thought of my boyfriend snuggling my cat makes me all warm and fuzzy and happy.

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