Whether you get roses, carnations, or your favorite flower for Valentine's Day, we have some easy tips and tricks to help those flowers last longer, and stay fresher.

1 - Cut the Stems. Sure, you've heard to cut the stems and even to angle the cut, but there's one more step to remember... When you cut the stems, do it underwater. This makes it so air doesn't get in, and will keep your flowers looking better, longer.

2 - Water. Make sure the water you use to fill the vase or glass you're keeping the flowers in is at a good temperature. It should be a room temperature - You definitely don't want to use ice cold water or water that's too warm.

3 - Sugar. After the flowers are cut, they can't get all the nutrients they would normally need. Sugar is one of these nutrients. Help them out by adding a few pinches of sugar to the water. Just a few though, you don't want to go overboard.

4 - Spread Them Out. This is a simple one that's easily forgot. Don't overcrowd the flowers. They need their space and their fair share of nutrients and water. That may mean you'll need a bigger glass or vase than you previously thought (or that they came in).

5 - Aspirin. This one I haven't tried, so I don't know, but a LOT of people swear by it. It's suggested to add one tablet of aspirin to the water every other day to keep your flowers fresh and beautiful.

We hope those ideas help you out if you get flowers this Valentine's Day. And keep them handy if you're expecting flowers for Mother's Day, or your birthday, or whenever!



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