Kehlani is under fire after PARTYNEXTDOOR posted up a photo of the Oakland singer in his bed.

The photo sparked a flurry online because Kehlani went public with her relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving earlier this year. Now, social media is giving a skeptical eye to the entire situation.

In the now-deleted photo, PARTYNEXTDOOR's arm is seen next to Kehlani's famously tatted hand as the two watched Dope. "After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed," read the caption of the post.

It's no secret that PARTYNEXYDOOR has had a thing for Kehlani -- they've been rumored companions for awhile. Last year, the Canadian singer dropped "Kehlani's Freestyle" in tribute to his favorite gal. In it he sang some sweet, sensual--and raunchy--lyrics like: "I’ll kiss whatever but I can’t promise I’ll do better" and “F— me, I know you savage.”

Since the incident, Kehlani deleted her Instagram page and there's been no word from the Cavs point guard. However, tweeters are already weighing in with their theories.

"Imagine she was sleeping and party just lifted her hand for the pick LOL that would be even more sav," read one theory. Others see a different situation. "PND doesn't respect Kehlani, and he exploited her stupidity," read a tweet. Ouch.

No matter what the truth is, we hope everyone can walk away without too many broken hearts. The last photo of Kehlani and Kyrie Irving together was two weeks ago. Check out the photo below as well as PARTYNEXTDOOR's post which was captured by quick-moving social media ninjas. Also, see what tweeters are saying about the situation below.

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