Season 4 of TLC’s genealogy documentary series ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ premiered on Tuesday (July 23), and Kelly Clarkson learned that she’s related to a Civil War hero.

During the riveting segment, the 'Mr. Know It All' songstress discovered that her three times great-grandfather, Isaiah Rose, was a soldier in the Union Army. Rose was held prisoner at the Andersonville POW camp in Georgia, and although he eventually escaped, he got shot on the way home by a Union soldier who mistook him for a Confederate.

Thankfully, Rose survived the attack and went on to become a state senator in Ohio.

Clarkson was both emotional and awestruck as she sat down with her mother to discuss these recent findings.

“That’s what I find amazing — that we didn’t know that we came from that,” she said to her mom. “It’s in our blood.”

She was deeply touched by Rose’s strength, as well as his commitment to fighting for the less fortunate. “I hope people know what they fought for mattered,” the singer said through her tears.

The episode took Clarkson on a journey across Ohio and Georgia to trace her family history — and it wrapped up with a visit to Rose’s gravesite, where she was able to pay tribute to his memory.

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