I think the best thing to do when starting a new year is to change something for yourself. Do something to make you feel good about you! So that's what I did...

Since moving out here, I've been keeping pretty busy exploring the area (New to Naomi), trying new food, and just experiencing what Central New York has to offer. But with all this running around all the time, I haven't had a chance for a little 'Naomi-Time.'

I decided to kick off the new year with something nice just for myself. I would suggest you do the same - sometime this month, as a way to jump-start 2015. Do something that you like, spend a little money on yourself, just go do something.

The Change

One of my favorite things to do, just for me, is get my hair done. Not only did I desperately need it (roots beyond belief), but it's fun to change up my look.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I have to give a big THANK YOU to Debbie at Posh Salon in New York Mills. She was the one who fixed my roots, change my entire hair color, and added some nice, small highlights.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I have to say, I'm feeling a lot better now. It's funny how just doing something small for yourself can drastically change how you feel. Now the big question is... "What am I going to do next??"