These cute little guys decide to paint themsleves.  How will dad react?

When I was a kid I did countless foolish yet fun things. The first one that comes to mind is attempting to push my mother’s Dodge Colt into the Schoharie Creek. I managed to muscle it down a grassy steep ravine with a sixty foot vertical slope but by some crazy miracle the car stopped about six feet short of plunging into the water.

I also use to attempt ridiculous BMX stunts. I would set up a wooden ramp and line up objects and willing volunteers to see how many I could fly over. One time I jumped over four cylinder blocks and three people. Well almost, sorry Mike.

My silly stunts were far from cute! Have your little ones ever done something that merited some sort of discipline yet you had a hard time punishing them because you found it so darn adorable?

Watch this video!