Fliers allegedly distributed by members of the KKK have been found on windshields of cars in one Upstate New York town, and it's not exactly a Valentine's Day message. According to WNYT in Albany, Saratoga Springs police were notified by a resident about the flier on Sunday morning (2/11/18) and later found many surrounding cars with the same "advertisement".


Instead of messages of love, the heart-shaped images on the flier advertise the Loyal White Knights of the KKK with messages of their beliefs. They also appear to be recruiting new members. You can see video of the reported flier from WNYT on their website.

They also report that similar fliers have been found in Saratoga Springs in May 2017 as well as several years ago. These messages have also been found sporadically in several Upstate NY towns over the past few years. If you find a flier like this on your vehicle, call local authorities so the messages can be investigated. It may be free speech, but leaving fliers on cars may also be a violation.


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