Get ready to embrace the chaos of the holidays with a Krampus themed party.

Meet Krampus- The polar opposite of Santa Claus. Krampus is the horned, demonic creature from Central European folklore, whose origins trace back centuries.

The legend of Krampus is deeply rooted in Alpine traditions, Austria, Germany, and parts of Eastern Europe.

This sinister figure is said to be the companion of Saint Nicholas, appearing on the night of December 5th, known as Krampusnacht. While Saint Nicholas rewards good children with gifts, Krampus punishes the naughty ones. With his long, pointed tongue and chains, he frightens misbehaving youngsters, and legend has it that particularly wicked children may find themselves stuffed into Krampus's sack and carried away."

Beginning in the late 20th century, amid efforts to preserve cultural heritage, Krampus runs became increasingly popular in Austria and Germany. References to Krampus's history can be found in various folk tales, historical records, and scholarly studies. Works such as "The Search for Krampus: A Critical Investigation" by Gerald S. Vano provide insights into the cultural significance and evolution of the Krampus legend.

16 Stone Brewpub is hosting a Krampus party. It's being called their Krampus Night Gathering Bash:

Debaucherous fun starts at 6 PM and goes till 11 PM! No cover, Free Event!!! We will have a costume contest to see who has the best costume! Live music from the Tim Parker! Don't miss an opportunity to celebrate the Naughty side of Christmas with Krampus Night, Krampusnacht! Be sure to sign the petition when you get here, to Krampus, to target naughty Politicians instead of Kids this year!"

You can read more on the party online here.

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