A Rome teen who took it upon himself to clean up around Rome Free Academy is taking things a step further.

Nicholas Jordan is a senior at RFA. Two weeks ago, he was spotted picking up trash around RFA. When asked if he was doing this as part of a project, Nick said, no, he just decided to clean up. The man who spotted Nick, Jamie Duck, posted about the encounter on Facebook in the People and Places of Rome group:

"Meet Nicholas. I met him at RFA picking up trash. I asked if he was doing this as a service to a club, college resume etc. No, Nicholas replied, he was simply picking up trash because it is a beautiful day to be outside, this was his school and he hates seeing the litter. Kudos to Nicholas for being a good citizen to the community!!"

Credit: Jamie Duck
Credit: Jamie Duck

"I run a lot, and I see the trash. I thought this was a way I could make a difference."

Nick has decided to take the attention he's gotten over this small gesture and make it even bigger. Nick got his employer, Circle K, to sponsor a big clean up at RFA.

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"I though I could take the attention I've gotten, and use it to make an even bigger impact."

If you want to get involved, volunteers will meet at RFA on Sunday, March 15 at 4pm and will clean up until 7pm. Circle K is donating water, trash bags, and gloves.

We applaud Nick for his efforts to clean up around the school - we need more kids like him.


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