Kylie Minogue released "Dancing," her first non-holiday single in four years, on Friday (January 19), officially ushering in her Golden era with a sizeable, somewhat signature Kylie dance track... with a honky-tonk twist.

Featuring heavy nods to the sounds of Nashville, the city in which the Australian music icon wrote and recorded the tune, the country-pop track kicks off with a flickering acoustic guitar riff and knee-slapping beat before exploding into an EDM-lite anthem bolstered by a euphoric chorus.

With a twang in her saccharine voice and a spring in her Showgirl step, Minogue approaches the topic of mortality with tender optimism. She wants to "go out dancing"—when she eventually goes out, that is, in the final sense. As she sings on the bridge:

Everybody’s got a story
Let it be your blaze of glory
Burning bright, never fade away
And when the final curtain falls, we could say we did it all
The never ending of a perfect day

The double entendre takes an even more poignant, personal meaning considering Minogue's battle with breast cancer in 2005—she was diagnosed while on tour, which she triumphantly and courageously resumed post-surgery the following year—as well as the revelation that Golden marks the artist's first self-penned album in more than two decades. (The last album Minogue entirely co-wrote was 1997's Impossible Princess.)

"Lyrically, 'Dancing' is really interesting. I guess, on the surface, it is about dancing and going out and having a good fun," Minogue shared on Twitter just days before dropping the song, which has polarized fans who were expecting something more along the lines of a classic Kylie club banger.

"And it's also about going out, at the end, and having had a good time," she continued. "So living life to the fullest, trying to shine whenever you can. I know life is difficult, life presents all sorts of hurtles for us, but try to dance through that when we can."

While the song—which sounds like a mix between ABBA and Dolly Parton—lacks the instantly-contagious, sleek, lush production of hits like "Can't Get You Out of My Head," "Spinning Around" and "All the Lovers," "Dancing" contains just enough glitter to keep Minogue's eternal dance floor shimmering long into the night. (Still, let's hope the final record doesn't veer too far West. Been there, done that with Joanne, Younger Now, etc.)

Listen to Kylie Minogue's "Dancing" up top.

Check out the full track list for Golden, released April 6 on BMG, below:

1. "Dancing"
2. "Stop Me From Falling"
3. "Golden"
4. "A Lifetime to Repair"
5. "Sincerely Yours"
6. "One Last Kiss"
7. "Live a Little"
8. "Shelby '68"
9. "Radio On"
10. "Love"
11. "Raining Glitter"
12. "Music's Too Sad Without You" (with Jack Savoretti)

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