They don't call Wednesday 'Humpday' for nothing... It's midweek, you're sitting at your desk or picking the kids up from school and it hits you, you just feel blah and completely unattractive, ineffective and out of sorts. You glance at the clock and it's 3:30 and you wonder why you always seem to feel this way. The folks at St. Tropez skin care did a new study on this poser and here's 4 reasons why everything piles up on you at that exact day and time EVERY week, and why Friday you feel like you could take on the world...


Flickr / The Colby Files

Reason 1 - Let's Go Out!

Nearly half of you knock a few back on Varick Street over the weekend and while you may've escaped the hangover the next morning, it actually takes 72 hours for the effects of your body processing all of those toxins and sugar to show on your face (besides the half-closed eyes smirky look you sported after your second drink on Friday night).

Reason 2 - "It's Just Another Manic Monday..."

After a weekend out (or a manic weekend with those mini-you's in your house) and a manic first day back to work on Monday, a third of women report not being able to sleep well on Monday night and that takes 48 hours to who up on you physically.

Reason 3 - Skin Care, What's That?

Monday is just a crummy day all around because it is also the day you're most likely to forget to apply your skin care products. See reasons #1 and #2 as to a possible explanation of this phenomena... ;)

Reason 4 - Hump-day! (No, not that kind...)

So all of that catches up to you on Wednesday right around 3:30 which just so happens to be the most absolutely stressful day of the week on top of it. You're emotional gas-gauge is already on 'E' so you decide to work through lunch to catch up and you grab something unhealthy from the snack machine and voila, you're completely out of your mind. Yeah the cup may also be half full on this day, and the weekend you're working for is closer, but thinking positive isn't your strong suit at this point.

So, What's the good news??

Well, because you've flipped out on everybody and every thing on Wednesday, it's time to let your hair down, and your clothes too on Thursday... Most women get it on on Thursday (probably to bang away all of the crap they just went through the first half of the week) which also explains your rosy complexion on Friday and you're back to looking and feeling hot! Although now you're feeling like going out with ladies again and well, you know... wash, rinse, repeat...