Lady Gaga's star continues to shine.   Lady Gaga sold over 1 million copies of 'Born This Way' in its first week of release.  The exact number is 1.11 million copies, according to, making it the 10th-highest debut for a CD, and the best-selling debut since 50 Cent's 'The Massacre' sold 1.14 million copies in March 2005.

Keep in mind,  Lady Gaga's numbers might have been influenced by her deal with, which sold her CD for just 99 cents.   However,  it's still an impressive amount to sell at  a time when fewer and fewer  people seem to be buying CDs.

The last artist to reach 1 million sales in their first week was Taylor Swift, who sold 1.05 million copies of 'Speak Now' in November 2010.   'NSync still holds the record for most album sales in one week, with 2.42 million copies of 'No Strings Attached' sold in 2000.  Are you one of the 1.11 million who bought Lady Gaga's  album?

Listen to Gaga's latest single, 'The Edge of Glory,' below.