If you take a trip to one of New York's most popular getaways, Lake George, be sure to hunt down the mysterious Mystery Spot.

What Is The Lake George Mystery Spot?

According to Only In Your State, the spot is a place where if you talk or shout in, you’ll immediately hear your voice echo and it’ll sound as though you’re inside some sort of cone.


Where Is The Spot?


The spot is located at the Lake George’s Visitor Center, on the corner of Canada Street & Beach Road, you’ll find a circular area laid out like a compass. All you need to do is stand over the “X” which lies directly in the middle of the circular plaza. It's pretty hard to miss.

While this may sound too particular to be true, I myself have personally witnessed the vortex that is the Lake George Mystery Spot and it is quite real. All you'll need to do is stand in place and start putting those incredible New York vocal cords to work!"


Why Does This Happen?

There's actually not one specific answer why this happens. Some claim it has to do with the the lake and mountains, others say it's simply your voice bouncing off the small stone wall. One story claims that an ancient god would speak his wisdom in this spot and to this day, his voice is left echoing around the lake.


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