Like most neighboring states, there's a rivalry between Wisconsin and Michigan, dating back to when the US government took all of the land today known as the Upper Peninsula away from Wisconsin and gave it to Michigan. Today Wisconsin attempted to get revenge.

Wisconsinites are circulating a petition to rename Lake Michigan as Lake Wisconsin claiming the lake, the second largest in the Great Lakes system, exemplifies their states as much as Michigan. Petition organizers state,

 We, the citizens of Wisconsin, feel it’s time for the Great Lake of Michigan to be renamed Lake Wisconsin. For too long Michiganders have gloated over Lake Michigan and their pretty sunsets. From now on, we will exclusively refer to it as Lake Wisconsin until every American joins us.

Of course, they say nothing of the other two states that have Lake Michigan shoreline, Illinois and Indiana.

So should New York follow suit? Why does Ontario get the glory of a Lake. Doesn't Lake Ontario belong as much to the Empire State? Why not Lake New York? Has a kinda nice ring to it.