Lana Del Rey has a song catalog that leaks like a sieve. The stunning singer, who recently announced a hiatus from live shows, is tiding her fans over with yet another unreleased track hitting the web.

The song, 'C U L8r Alligator,' is an a capella number that showcases the chanteuse's voice.

Del Rey's vocals are multilayered and accompanied only by hand claps. "You're all I wanted, boy / I never needed anybody else," she sings. "When you gonna love your baby?"

The song is short and simple, but complicated enough to be distinctly Del Rey.

It's unclear when the song is from or whether it was a complete track or a demo. Since there's no instrumentation and very sparse production, we're leaning towards the latter. Either way, it's a unique spin on her "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" persona, and also a unique track not just in general, but especially for LDR. Tune in below!

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'C U L8r Alligator'