Is pop music's somber sweetheart Lana Del Rey about to pull a Beyonce?

Her sophomore set, 'Ultraviolence,' feels like it is shrouded in secrecy. With a new billboard featuring Del Rey's pretty face and the album title landing in Brooklyn this week, sources are buzzing about a single, reportedly dubbed 'West Coast,' dropping in surprise fashion, possibly this week, as well. But the truth is, we don't know. Not much has been released in terms of official information from the singer's camp.

There are rumors of a May 1 release date, which is right around the corner, so the fact that the signage was seen in Brooklyn suggests that a new LDR album -- likely full of doom and gloom love anthems -- is on its merry way.

Lord (not Lorde, of course) knows that all sorts of older and unfinished LDR tracks leaked left and right after the release of her debut, 'Born to Die.'

Check out the LDR banner on a brick building in the 7-1-8 below, which was tweeted out.

Usually, those types of promo billboards serve a purpose and have a release date and other concrete information posted on them, alerting fans to the coming of an album, since not everyone is plugged in 24/7. Or are they?

What we do know is that LDR has booked a Coachella gig this weekend and next, and that she has a tour on the horizon, something she did not do in support of 'Born to Die,' which lead to endless questions about her ability to perform live and pull off her material.

Artists usually tour to promote something, you know, like a new album, and it would make sense to use the time in front of fans to inform them of what's on the docket and to debut some new tracks.

It does seem that Lana and her team are keeping information under wraps. They are not as covert as Beyonce, but…

…why so much silence?

We don't know the release date or the single date. We just know that 'Ultraviolence' is soon upon us. We hope. Bring on another bout of summertime sadness.