The fact that two “new” Lana Del Rey songs (‘Delicious’ and ‘Big Bad Wolf’) landed online leaves us with two distinct questions.

The (facetious) first question is Lana Del Rey still makes music? Nowadays, she’s more famous for her expensive ride and cheap clothes endorsements than for, you know, singing. These songs are probably old tracks, demos or throwaways, not something she cut recently. Oh, and the second question is how many freakin’ unreleased LDR songs exist?

It seems like every other day we’re unearthing, listening to and sharing “new” but “old” LDR songs. Demos! Leaked ‘Paradise’ edition tracks! The LDR treasure trove is bottomless, so if you’re a fan, you’re stoked that so much content exists in the Lizzy Grant/Lana Del Rey vaults.

But the verdict on this pair o’ tunes?

‘Delicious’ is familiar Lana Del Rey breathy whispers, only with a lot more processing on the vocals and some video game keyboard noises in the background. ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is more of the same. She hearts you
and she wants to be your girl; no, really, she sings that hook. It’s sexily sophomoric.

We can never have too much Lana in our lives, right? She has laid down so many songs over the past few years that she could release like six albums full of material.

Okay, we’re deferring to you, PopCrushers. What’s your take on the latest Lana? Listen to each and sound off. We’re dying to know your thoughts.

Listen to ‘Delicious’

Listen to ‘Big Bag Wolf’

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