Mega Millions fever isn't over yet. With still no winners, the jackpot continues to grow and continues to break more records.

It's fun to fantasize what we would do if we won the lottery or won a million dollars, but it's hard to even fathom the things you could do if you hit this Mega Millions jackpot. The drawing for Tuesday night (October 23rd), is going to be a HUGE deal! It's going to be a historic night, and we're not using that term loosely... It really is.

As of Monday afternoon (October 22nd), the Mega Millions jackpot sits at an estimated 1.6 billion dollars. According to, that cash payout option sits at 904 million dollars. That's more money than most of us could ever imagine!

But that jackpot could still grow. And it's already broke many records! First of all, it's the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever, and by a LOT. The old record was only $656 million (hahaha, "only"), and that was back in March of 2012.

This jackpot also breaks the record for the biggest lottery prize in the US as well. The Powerball used to hold that record, when the jackpot climbed up to 1.5 billion dollars back in January of 2015.

Even if you don't hit the jackpot on Tuesday night's drawing, you could still walk away a millionaire. If you match five of the regular balls drawn (and not the "mega ball"), the prize is $1 million. If you add on the "multiplier" (for an extra dollar), you could win up to $5 million. In the last Mega Millions drawing, there were 15 tickets sold that matched five balls and was worth (at least) a million dollars.

Don't forget to pick up your ticket(s) for the drawing tomorrow night. Your tickets must be purchased by 10:45pm on Tuesday to be eligible for the 11pm drawing. But you may not want to cut it that close in this historic drawing. Good Luck!




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