Social Media is big into creating challenges that are daring, bold, and crazy, but the latest trend is downright disgraceful; stomping on the American Flag.

Social Media has been perpetuating various challenges for quite a while now. Often the challenges require participants to stretch themselves to do things that are unreasonable and foolish.

Popular challenges include: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Cinnamon Challenge, the Pet Food Challenge, the Blood Challenge, the Salt and Ice Challenge, the Baby Food Challenge, and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Some of these trends are ridiculous and harmless, while others are downright dangerous and idiotic.

Now a disturbing flag stomping challenge is resurfacing. According to Washington

A “challenge” in support of a wanted Georgia college student and New Black Panther Party member encourages individuals to desecrate the U.S. flag.

Natallia Hudyma/Thinkstock

The trend first gained popularity last year, but now it's becoming even more predominant.

We know that the majority of Central New Yorker's are extremely patriotic. What can we do to stop this disturbing trend?


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