Sigh. Lea Michele has just shared the new song 'You're Mine,' which was added her solo debut 'Louder' last minute, after the death of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith.

The singer and actress with the powerhouse voice dedicated the song to Monteith -- and if you're not moved, we question the existence of your pulse.

The song is not a power ballad in that it's not slow or melancholic. It's actually an uptempo, upbeat tribute to his life and the love that the co-stars shared, rather than a song that focuses on his death. When Michele sings -- make that belts -- "You're mine / For life," you can't help but be moved by the loss she endured in public fashion.

The song sounds like Cher-meets-Jennifer-Lopez, thanks to both its epic diva nature and its pop accessibility.

Michele was done with her album when the people at her label asked her if she wanted to add anything. So she did.

"I was like, 'I might regret it if I don't,'" Michele said about adding the song. "It makes me so happy, this song. It makes me think so much of Cory. It was ours. When I think if him, I play this."

Miss Michele herself tweeted about the importance of the song to her heart:

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