LeAnn Rimes had high hopes for her new album 'Spitfire,' which, according to her, is all about how hard it was to cheat on her husband with a married man. But the public didn't buy it -- not just her tears during interviews, but her music either.

As a result, 'Spitfire' sold a measly 10,798 copies in its first week. Womp womp.

The album was released on June 4, and despite receiving pretty glowing reviews, it barely made a dent on the Billboard Charts, debuting at No. 36. Which, as LeAnn might say herself, is pretty pathetic.

To put it into perspective, the No. 1 album of the week was Queens of the Stone Age's '...Like Clockwork,' and it sold 91,000 copies.

This only seems to validate the words of her husband Eddie Cibrian's ex Brandi Glanville, who previously said that while Rimes has a "great voice," the tracks on the new disc were the "worst songs I've ever heard."

"She needs to work on her songwriting … She’s not going to win any fans by writing a song about breaking up a family,” Glanville said. “It’s old news — no one wants to hear you cry over getting everything you wanted ... If LeAnn wants her career back, she needs better lyrics ... No one wants to listen to this!”

Looks like maybe Brandi was right.

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