Leona Lewis is coming to the big screen! The British singer/songwriter and 'X Factor' winner -- most famous for her hit 'Bleeding Love' -- is making her film debut in the upcoming movie-musical rom com 'Walking on Sunshine.'

Lewis will play the role of Elena, the friend of two sisters who -- unbeknownst to one of them -- are in love with the same guy. As one sister announces her engagement to the (unbelievably hot) man in question, little does she know that he is the love of her sister's life and the two had shared a fling while on vacation several years ago. Yikes!

The song-and-dance-filled flick will feature the cast performing hits from the '80s, such as Whitney Houston's 'How Will I Know,' Madonna's 'Holiday,' and, of course, the titular song, 'Walking on Sunshine,' which Lewis sings in the trailer. Watch the teaser above!

This is definitely the kind of film that will have you singing in your seat -- and make sure to bring your girlfriends, who will most likely be belting out the tunes right along with you!

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