Water towers come in all shapes and sizes and decorative designs. This one (above) in New Hartford, and others in Central New York, could use a makeover.

The town of Hamburg, New York, outside Buffalo, is having a discussion about that very idea. Since Hamburg claims to have invented the hamburger in 1855, it would be only fitting that the town's water tower undergo a transformative paint job. Right now it's an off-white ellipsoidal sphere that's already shaped like a burger in a bun. So, it wouldn't be a stretch to envision the works.

There's an entire movement in Hamburg, complete with a website featuring examples of creative water tower artwork representing their communities, and a petition to get it done in Western New York.

Maybe it would work here in Central New York as well. After all, the Utica Tower is a fantastic attraction near the New York State Thruway. Why not our water towers?

So, let's consider the prominent water towers in and around the Mohawk Valley. Starting with the New Hartford tank at the top of the page. That's a nice shade of green, but it might be better if it were red and blue with a Spartans logo, in keeping with the official colors of New Hartford Central Schools.

The Verona tower, visible near the Turning Stone Resort and Casino, could be painted to look like a roulette wheel or a tumbling die or maybe even a golf ball.

Do you think these designs would generate civic pride and revenue, or would they be perceived as eyesores?


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