Poor Liam Payne. If anyone appears to be taking One Direction's current breakup hiatus hard, it's dear, sweet, Liam Payne.

Now that One Direction have officially embarked on their time away from the spotlight, they all finally have enough free time to do whatever it is they couldn't do while writing, recording and touring ad nauseam for five years straight. And while other members have kept a fairly low profile online, Liam can't stay away from social media (we are fine with this). So far, it seems he's spent the vast majority of his newfound freedom hanging out with his dog and taking shirtless selfies, as one would.

The former One Direction member posted one such photo to Instagram today, writing, "Christmas weight dusted!!" A post-Christmas miracle! Directioners are truly #blessed.

But that's not all -- Liam's also been spending a fair amount of time with his dog, a Great Dane whose name is un-Googleable. The majority of his tweets and Instagram posts are, at the moment, dog-related, as Liam posts about him with the same frequency he used to tweet about upcoming One Direction performances and appearances.

Liam even wrote, "My only friend today and the only one I need" as the caption to a video so dark that we had to turn our screen brightness all the way up to watch his pal bound across a yard. Liam does not use the flash on his phone, but he loves his dog very much.

Sometimes he plays soccer with his dog:

Other times, Liam thinks about life's bigger dog-related questions: "Why when u film your dog does he always stop being funny."

Why does your dog always stop being funny when you train a camera on him? How have animals evolved to the point of knowing their current actions will be used against them as a tool of humiliation somewhere down the line? Why don't we learn this early-on as children? Things to think about, courtesy of Liam Payne. May he never stop tweeting.

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