Lily Allen is bringing the sunshine to the Glastonbury Festival in her colorful, upbeat music video for 'As Long As I Got You'.

"I've been to Glastonbury pretty much every year since I was born," she reveals at the beginning of the vid. "This year is super important because this is the first time I've played in five years … and also the last time I played the day that I got together with my husband, Sam, and this time around I'm married and have two little babies."

That kind of happiness radiates throughout the vid, as the British singer grins broadly and dances throughout the sunny fields, looking stunning with her red, short bob haircut and the subtle, sparkly gems peeking out next to her eyes. (P.S.: Is it just us, or does Lily Allen look just like Emma Stone in this video?)

We also can't get over the upbeat vibe of the track and the sheer amount of fun that everyone looks like they're having in the vid. We want to join!

Check out Lily Allen's 'As Long As I Got You' music video above.

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