My wife has had the last two Friday's off from work and with our son in school till five, we decided to go see a couple of movies. Our first Friday movie venture was to see 'Lincoln'. Last Friday we went to see 'Warm Bodies'. Would you like to know what we thought of them?
If you're looking for civil war battle scenes, the plight of slavery and the assassination of President Lincoln, you're not going to see much of that in 'Lincoln'. If your interested in the political battle of the 13th Amendment, you'll get plenty. What I found ironic is that the rhetoric used by the Republicans and Democrats over a hundred years ago sounds similar to some of what we hear today. As you know, the moral thing to do prevails over the economics of slavery. Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for 'Lincoln' at the 2013 Golden Globes, will he take home the Oscar?
If you're looking for a new spin on Zombie movies, you'll get it with 'Warm Bodies'. I call it , Zombie movies meet the Titanic. John Malkovich does a fantastic job with his role as the leader of the un-infected and the father of the the zombie (Rrrr)'s love interest. You'll enjoy hearing music from John Waite, Bob Dylan and Guns & Roses. You'll smile at a few humorous scenes and get grossed out a bit by the 'Bonies' who have slipped the deepest into Zombiehood (is that a word)?
My wife and I give both movies two thumbs up.

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