Six years ago, when she was 17, Alex Dainis made a video of herself lip-syncing along to the Aaron Carter song  ’Aaron’s Party (Come Get It.)’

Such a move was pretty questionable at the time, given that the tune came out back in 2000 and featured a 12-year-old Aaron Carter rapping. But, as you will see in the video below, the end justifies the means.

No, those aren’t three sisters pretending to belt out the lyrics to ‘Aaron’s Party.’ Instead, it is all Alex. At 17 in the lower left, at 20 in the upper left, and at 23 on the right. As you can see, her hair and eyebrows have evolved over the years.

“My video quality has definitely improved,” she writes in the clip’s description. “I’m not sure my dance moves have.”

Alex says she plans to keep recording the lip dub every three years. If she does, the big winner will be Aaron Carter. We can’t think of any other scenario in which people are still talking about the reality TV wannabe three, six or nine years down the road.

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