Want to hear 1:30 snippets of songs on the 'Paradise' edition of Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die?' Well, you are in luck, LDR lovers. Minute-and-a-half snippets of the album have landed online, and are posted below for your listening pleasure.

'Gods & Monsters' swirls with curse words and treated vocals. 'Yayo' finds the lovely, auburn-haired queen known as LDR hitting the highest of notes.

'Bel Air' is as noir as it gets, while 'Burning Desire' is breathy LDR, the one we've come to know and love, and criticize.

Actually, rather than breaking these all down, we can effectively sum them up, thanks to LDR's signature style. She's breathy. She heaves. She's sex kittenish. Her songs are noir, and loaded with production bells and whistles of the synthy sort. It sounds like tons of cash was dumped into these songs to make them sound rich and lush. All of the song snippets play to her strengths and the sound she has established as her hallmark.

If you love what LDR did on the regular ol' version of 'Born to Die,' which came out back in January, then we are confident that you will totally crush on the majority of these tracks.

So don't waste any more time. Listen to them.

Listen to 'Gods & Monsters'

Listen to 'Yayo'

Listen to 'Bel Air'

Listen to 'Burning Desire'

Listen to 'American'

Listen to 'Cola'

Listen to 'Body Electric'

Listen to 'Blue Velvet'