Elvis Presley was scheduled to perform at the Utica AUD in August of 1977. Unfortunately, he passed away just three days earlier in Tennessee. Lite 98.7 listeners share their stories of having tickets to the show, and remembering when they found out the sad news.

Portrait Of Elvis Presley
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Earlier a picture was posted of mint-condition tickets for Elvis Presley at the Utica AUD - someone had been selling them on eBay. The tickets hold such a sentimental value because Elvis never got to perform at the Utica AUD (he died just days before the scheduled show).

After posting the picture of the tickets, Lite 98.7 listeners began jumping in with their stories - from some having tickets to that show, to others being younger and remembering when their families heard the news of Elvis' death.

These are just some of the stories our listeners shared...

What a sad day for Utica, and a sad day for America. What about you? Where were you when you found out Elvis Presley had passed away? Did you have tickets to his show at the AUD? Let us know in the 'comment section' below!



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