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    Rick Springfield

    Appearing: On stage...not in court.

    Rick is no stranger to Central New York. He appeared last year in a Syracuse court room. A woman sued him claiming she was injured by Rick's backside at his 2004 Great New York State Fair performance. Rick and his butt were acquitted. Rick will be singing on August 27th in the Chevy Court. The show is free with fair admission.

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    Melissa Etheridge

    Can she top last year's perfomance at Crouse Hinds Theater?

    Last Year, Melissa brought her harmonica, piano, and acoustic guitar to Syracuse. She put on a spectacular show at Crouse Hinds Theater, John H. Mulroy Civic Center. Prior to that, she played at Turning Stone Resort where she had adoring fans standing on their feet asking for more. Melissa performs August 28 the Chevy Court. The show is free with fair admission.

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    Nick Jonas

    No Joe, no Kevin, just Nick!

    It's sure to be a jam packed affair on September 7th. You may want to bring your ear plugs to mask the sound of thousands of girls shouting I love you's to their favorite Jonas Brother. There's no charge for the concert but be sure and arrive super early!

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    "Salt and Pepa's here and they're in effect."

    Salt-N-Pepa  make an occasional appearance on Lite 98.7's "Flashback Saturday Night." You remember them from the 90's. They had several hits including "Twist and Shout," "Shoop," and "Push it!" This is matinee show and will be on September 2.

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    Just Jen


    Just Jen does sing, however she won't be performing this year. Here's this morning's 6:40 segment though!

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