If you asked the typical 9 year old what they were doing on summer vacation, the most likely answer would be nothing or playing video games. Lucas Mosher isn’t your typical young man and he’s spending his summer in a not so typical way.

Lucas’ dad, Michael Mosher, says the youngster has always had a passion for law enforcement, EMT’s, firefighters, and the military. Out of the blue this past Monday, Lucas came up with the idea to start a lemonade stand to raise money for the men and women he respected.

We all know it’s all about location, location, location when it comes to starting a business. Fortunately, the young entrepreneur has an uncle, Brandon Mosher, who is part of River Hills Properties in downtown Little Falls. Lucas used the connection to set up shop in a prime spot in front of the offices located at the corner Albany and 2nd Street.

The plan will be for the stand to open every Tuesday, but Lucas doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into just lemonade. Some weeks the offerings will include Apple Cider and donuts. He's already got the plan to keep customers coming back every week. The clientele list is a strong one as officers from the Little Falls Police Department and New York State Troopers were seen quenching their thirst on ice cold lemonade on day one.

Lucas hasn't decided the specific charity he'll donate too, other than it will involve his passion group of first responders. For now, Dad says he has the funds stored in a fireproof lockbox for safe keeping.

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